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The HoneyMead dollhouse

January 10th 2015



This year I am going to make the HoneyMead dollhouse. I have had the plan for many years and always wanted to give it a go. I really like the Tudor style and thought this year would be a great one to start it.

The first step was to figure out where I was going to keep it when I had finished it. The shop is full and my real life house is fast becoming a display house for my miniatures. I have located a place in the hallway next to my Venetian Canal House.

The next step was to figure out how much timber I would need. To do this I needed to convert all the measurements from Imperial to metric. This took a while and the list started to look like an awful lot of timber. The friendly guys at Mitre 10 were very helpful and I I came home with a pile of timber ready to cut. The excitement was mounting and I could not wait to get started.



After carefully reading and re-reading the instructions I cut the base to size and laid out the foundations.



Next step was to cut all the bottom floor uprights. I made a jig for this and used my Proxon saw to cut them. After creating lots of saw dust I had what I needed and the next job was to measure and glue down the uprights. It didn't actually take as long as I thought it would and I only had two that I had to redo as they were a bit out of line. Have you ever noticed how the glue fairies move things around a bit when your not watching? It was easily fixed and I moved onto the next instruction. 

This step was a bit more complicated the written instruction said to follow the pictures but there seemed to be a picture missing so after gluing in several of the first floor foundations I realised I has missed a step and thank goodness the glue had not dried and it was easy to take apart and add in the extra pieces.



Some extra cutting some extra glue and a bit of the trusty masking tape and the first floor foundations are complete.

I added in the strips for the windows. The glue fairies were back and had to do this a couple of times. The little clamps I have earned there value several times over by holdinge the timber in place. I have found that where possible clamps are by far the best. although masking tape is great for where the clamps were not big enough.